Went to Ultra Japan 2017 for The Japan Times

Braved a typhoon to go to Ultra Japan 2017 for The Japan Times.

Security tugs a woozy-looking man toward the exit of Odaiba Ultra Park after he got in a scuffle with another festivalgoer. His opponent, only steps behind, has bright red bumps on his face. He approaches a guard and, with a smile, snaps a selfie.

This perpetual positivity seemed to be part and parcel of the three-day Ultra Japan festival, whose participants danced through both rain and heat over its duration.

The middle of the gathering happened as Typhoon Talim passed to Tokyo’s north on Sunday, the latter half of the day unfolding under persistent showers. Regardless, several thousand fans — many in ponchos, others risking their health to party it up in cosplay — packed the grounds and danced away to the busy sounds of DJs such as the Netherlands’ Hardwell and American duo The Chainsmokers.

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