Talked to The Anime Man for The Japan Times

Met up with one of most popular Japan-based YouTubers around, The Anime Man, to talk about his path to attention and the current boom in anime.

“The Anime Man” has a busy summer ahead of him. The 23-year-old, whose real name is Joey Bizinger, will be on the road over the next two months making stops at anime conventions across the United States and Europe. It sounds like the kind of itinerary a musician would embark on.

Bizinger has been lucky in terms of timing. He’s a YouTube personality at a time when that world is providing society’s newest celebrities, and he specializes in anime at a moment of renewed interest in the genre.

“I would say the past three or four years has been like an anime renaissance,” Bizinger tells The Japan Times from a cafe on the outskirts of Tokyo. “People are starting to embrace it more.”

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