Writing about YouTubers and Paellas at The Japan Times

Two stories this week, both of which I’m quite happy with. First off, I looked into the ever-growing world of English-language YouTubers in Japan. Specifically, I wanted to see if making a living from this — and obtaining the proper visas — was possible. I met up with one of the country’s most popular vloggers, Sharla In Japan, to disucss:

In 2015, Sharla of the YouTube channel Sharla In Japan found herself juggling two careers. Since 2011, the Canadian-born creator had been making videos about her life here to a quickly growing audience. But actually making them was tough, as she also had a day job.

“I hated it,” says Sharla, who’s asked us not to publish her last name for privacy reasons. “It was a startup tech company, I liked having the chance to help build the company up. But the hours were insane, it was your typical work-to-death hours, not getting paid for overtime.”

Increasingly stressed out, she soon realized her YouTube channel was actually pulling in about the same amount of money as her tech work.

“I was getting the same income doing something I enjoy, so why am I doing this other thing?” Sharla quit the job, and gambled on making YouTube videos her primary source of income. It paid off.

Read the whole story here.

I also talked with Osaka outfit Paellas, about their new album Pressure:

Fitting into the sound of the moment while still standing apart from it can be a tricky thing to do. Paellas guitarist Satoshi Anan says he wanted the feeling of “now” to come out on his band’s newest album, “Pressure.”

“But I didn’t want to make it like fast-fashion clothes … or fast food,” Anan says, adding that he rectified this by adding some 1980s and ’90s nostalgia.

Read that here.

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