Writing about the new “cool American” food in Tokyo

Over the past couple of years, food in Tokyo (and beyond) has started looking a lot like the offerings in Brooklyn and Portland. I wrote about it for The Japan Times this week.

“Walking into PDX Taproom, a bar in Tokyo’s Shibuya Ward, is like wandering into a condensed, alternate version of Portland, Oregon. Everything from the folk-pop hits playing in the background to the craft beers on tap hail from the Pacific Northwest metropolis.

The bar even uses Oregon blueberries in its salads, owner Miyuki Hiramatsu tells The Japan Times before listing off other Portland-sourced foodstuffs on the menu. The connection doesn’t stop there, she also points out the rectangular piece of carpet framed on the wall — it’s a slice of the much-loved floor covering that used to carpet Portland International Airport.”

Read it all here.

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