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Various Artists: Trekkie Trax the Best 2012 – 2015

Between social media streams delivering seemingly endless awful news and the creeping sense that we’ve entered content singularity, it’s pretty easy to feel cynical about the state of the Internet in 2016. That same sense of digital constriction extends to music, a place filled with lukewarm takes and fast food restaurants toddling towards relevance.

Sounds of Japan Vol. 4: Kyoto’s Imperial Sonic History | Specials | MTV 81

In recent decades, Tokyo has become the center of Japan in many people’s minds. And as unfair as that might seem to the rest of the country, it is understandable given that it is the biggest city in the nation, as well as the capital. Everything does sort of flow through the sprawling megapolis.

Tominaga’s suprise flourishes make repeat listens of ‘Echoes of Megaliths’ a must | The Japan Times

Electronic music-maker Natsumi Tominaga excels at details. “I feel the color from the music, also smell and taste it,” she wrote on her artist page on Facebook, and this attention to every aspect of sound helps turn her latest album “Echoes of Megaliths” into a consistently enveloping work.