Some travel writing in Selamta Magazine and CNN Travel

Broke into the world of travel writing in November with two features this week. First, for Selamta Magazine (the in-flight magazine of Ethiopian Airlines), I wrote about how one could spend 24 hours in Tokyo.

“Long boasting the largest metropolitan area in the world, Tokyo is a city in constant motion. The bustling capital of Japan connects the past with the future, as centuries-old shrines stand only steps away from smartphone stores with robots for employees. It’s always in flux, and the 2020 Olympics promise to reshape the city even more drastically. But for all the change, Tokyo makes sure to not lose tradition as it speeds toward tomorrow.

Despite its size, getting around Tokyo is a relatively easy process. Head to any train or subway station in the capital and buy a PASMO card, which you can put money on (and thus not have to worry about calculating fare every trip). PASMOs can also be acquired at Narita Airport.”

You can read it online here.

And for CNN Travel, I made a list of the top places to see autumn leaves! Read that one here.

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